Welcome to Westmont Family Counseling Ministries

WFCM is a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization. For more than 26 years we have been providing counseling services to those seeking emotional and relational wholeness.photo_family

Mission Statement

To provide professional counseling services and resources based on Christian values of caring and compassion to those seeking emotional and relational wholeness.


Westmont Family Counseling Ministries was founded in October of 1988 as a mission outreach program of the Westmont Presbyterian Church. After more than 26 years, the program has grown to provide over 3,000 counseling hours per year to people throughout Cambria, Somerset, Bedford and Westmoreland Counties and beyond.

Board of Directors

Ethel Carney, President
Kara Borsa, Vice-President
Kathleen Clark, Treasurer
Richard Von Schlichten, Secretary
Jeffrey Bassette
Lyn Garbarino
Tom Polacek
Joan Rush
Jocelyn Sauter
Kathy Vizza

Hibby Price, Administrator